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Transform your exteriors with our custom made contemporary metal products.

Strong. Durable. Functional.

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3D shop drawings

View and approve your product design and details prior to manufacturing. Created and signed by our drafter and engineer.

Customised finishing

Select your product finishing from premium powder coating options to anodizing, tailored to your project requirements.

Well-equipped manufacturing capabilities

Our manufacturing facility in Melbourne is well equipped with modern machinery to deliver the most detailed of aluminium and steel fabrications.

10 years structural warranty

Backed by a 10-year warranty and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, our premium products are made to last.

We support local

All materials we use are sourced from local Australian suppliers, from raw materials to powder coating. We love to support our neighbours!

Our Products

Well-designed and well-built products that simplify site work and bring architectural visions to life.

Why Do We Choose To Work With Aluminium?

Why Do We Choose To Work With Aluminium?

Builders we work with

Stonnington Group
Harris HMC
BromptonSamssons Projects
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Architectural Metal Work with Wow Factor

Our skilled engineers and technicians have the experience and expertise to work with a variety of construction materials and finishes that are part of any architectural concept that includes modern gate designs, custom-made privacy screens, and other bespoke architectural furnishings – all offered in premium powder-coated aluminium and steel.

Our facility is conveniently located in Keysborough and has well-equipped manufacturing capabilities. With a team of experts ready to provide an exceptional customer experience, we can’t wait to work with you on your next project, so get in touch with us today!

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